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  • 3G Router: Share your 4G/3G/HSPA+ internet connections over 150Mpbs Wifi
  • Poray 3G Router
  • DSL/ADSL Router: Have a DSL connection instead? Share it over Wifi! You can use it to connect and share hotel room internet from RJ45 wall socket. (Note: if your DSL provider assigns static IP, you may need to know this IP.)
  • 2-in-1 Card Reader (MicroSD/SD): share your photos, videos, MP3s, or whatever from you SD/MicroSD card over Wifi
  • Portable: With just about 2.5 inch size and 100 grams weight, it is so small and light and cute!
  • Colors: Available in Cyan and Pink colors
  • Contains: 1x Mini 3G/ADSL Router, 1x USB Data Cable (Mini USB to USB 2.0), Manual
  • USB AC Wall Adapter (not included): minimum output 5V DC/750mA
  • New Low Price: Now only P1,200.00 which includes FREE delivery via JRS Express (before: P1,495.00)
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Poray® Mini 3G/DSL Router with Card Reader

Poray® Mini 3G/DSL Router with Card Reader

Share Your 4G/3G or DSL Internet! Because Sharing is Love.
Poray routers allows you to share your broadband internet (4G/3G/HSPA+/DSL) over wifi at 150Mbps speeds.
Poray 3G Router
Just connect your 3G USB dongle or DSL broadband internet to the router and set it up easily thru any internet browser.
You can even set it to connect to your broadband provider automatically whenever you plug in your USB dongle.
Compatible with past and present ZTE and Huawei 3G USB modems like:
Poray Compatibility
And many more...
It also has an SD and MicroSD card reader so you can instantly share your photos, videos, or any data to multiple devices over wifi.
Share Photos and Videos over Wifi
With strong 64-bit/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security for total privacy.
You can open its simple user interface from any internet browser from any device within its wifi range to setup your router for remote web management, not just from the device the router is connected to.
Firmware is upgradeable to latest versions to support the latest devices.
And it's so unbelievably small you can bring it anywhere with you.
With Poray 3G/DSL routers, it is easy to share your internet to those closest to you (within wifi range).
Because sharing is truly love. Now at a lower price of P1,200.00 only!
Note: You can use a USB AC Wall Adapter to power the 3G/DSL Router. AC Wall Adapter should have output of 5V DC and at least 750mA (or more). USB AC Wall Adapter is not included in the package.
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