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Cory Quirino on Anti-Aging and Growth Hormone

What is GH, its functions, and how to increase it to keep us young.

August 24, 2012

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Growth hormone is a protein that is secreted by our anterior pituitary gland - a small, pea-sized gland located in the base of our brains - in short pulses. It is an important hormone that has a lot of beneficial functions in our body, especially for growing children to develop into adolescents.

Consider the many benefits of growth hormone:

  • increased muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia
  • promotes fat metabolism (lipolysis)
  • improves memory, concentration, and alertness
  • strengthens the immune system
  • essential for physical growth of all internal and external organs, including the brain
  • increased calcium retention for denser bone mass
  • increases protein synthesis
  • reduces liver uptake of glucose

If you want to maintain your mood and vigor of your younger years, then taking supplements that promote your own body's GH production is recommended.

Cory Quirino, the well-known author, television and radio host, model, and wellness guru has recently written an article on the powerful anti-aging effects growth hormone, the type that our own body produces.

Cory Quirino
Cory Quirino

She discusses what GH is, how it works, how to increase its level in our body, and its number one deterrent - foods high in sugars.

Please read the whole article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Lifestyle section here.

August 24, 2012