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Credit Card Payments thru Paypal Shopping Cart; Promos Galore!

Now it's easier to purchase online! But wait, there's more!

October 02, 2013

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Want to place a quick order of UPLift Health products? No problem! Just check out your order using your credit card and Paypal services.

Just click on the familiar Add to Cart button found besides each product. When you are done placing your order, proceed by clicking on the Paypal Check Out or Express Check Out buttons.

Add to Cart Button
Click on these familiar Paypal Add to Cart button to place an item to your shopping cart.

Now it's easier to get your favorite UPLift Health products!

Please note that a 3.5% Sales Tax fee is added to your total. This represents the Paypal service fee for using their credit card service.

But wait, there's more! UPLift is also offering promos and perks in bunches! Check out our latest section on Promos to know what we have in store for you! Free gifts, delivery, and cash discounts await you! Do hurry, as some of them are offered while supplies last.

October 02, 2013