LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables


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LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables

LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables

LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables

Made for Data Communications

The LMR195 cable is made for low-loss broadband communications.

Quality Shielded Cable

Keeps All the Good Stuff Inside

Signals and waves are two sides of the same coin - the accompany each other and there's nothing much we can do simply because that's physics.

LMR240 cables are shielded cables that prevent the waves from leaking out, and other outside waves from breaching in. That's ingress and egress for you hardcore electronic engineers. The braid and aluminum foil shields the good stuff in.

This allows nearly the full gain of the antenna to be delivered to your modem device.

Quality Shielded Cables

The Right Cable for Signal Boosters

For Signal Boosters

Do you have a Singal Booster / Repeater?

LMR195 is just the right cable for your signal booster with good price vs. performance ratio.

Low Attenuation

All types of cables, whether shielded or not, introduces signal loss (attenuation) the longer it gets.

The construction of the LMR195 prevents high signal loss even at longer lengths.

To achieve the gain of your antenna please keep cable lengths up to a maximum of 30 meters or 100 feet.

Low Attenuation

N-Male Connectors

N-Male Connectors

Default connectors are N-Male to N-Male.

Made for the Outdoors

Tough and Weatherproof

Tough and weatherproof, all LMR195 cables are made for long-term outdoor use.

Ready to Break Barriers?

Break Barriers

Our SkyWave Antennas are compatible with the LMR195 Shielded Coax Cables. Just connect to your modem device's external antenna port.



Specs LMR195
Frequency Range

30 ~ 5800 Mhz


50 ohms


24 pF/m

Shielding Effectiveness

>85 db

Peak Power 5 kW
Connector (Antenna) N-Male
Connector (Device) N-Male
Color Black


Prices below are for straight, uncut cables with cable connectors.

To avoid signal loss, we recommend you choose the shortest cable length that will meet your setup requirements.

Individual Price
2 Meters (N-M/N-M): P350.00
2 Meters (N-M/RPSMA-M): P350.00
5 Meters (N-M/N-M): P450.00
5 Meters (N-M/RPSMA-M): P450.00
15 Meters (N-M/N-M): P900.00
20 Meters (N-M/N-M): P1,200.00
30 Meters (N-M/N-M): P1,800.00

* All LMR195 cables available are terminated by N-Male on both ends. Converters to other connector types are available.

* Only lengths provided above are available. As of this time we do not offer customized length cables.


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