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Home Tri-Band Signal Booster Home Tri-Band Signal Booster Home Tri-Band Signal Booster
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Home Tri-Band Signal Booster   P 16,800.00

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Tri-Band Booster Made for the Home

Finally, enjoy clear cellphone voice and data at the comfort of your home.

The SkyWave Home Tri-Band delivers excellent signal gain for small to medium-sized rooms.

You can also use it for your home office.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Tri-Band Ready

The SkyWave Home Triband Booster covers 5G / 4G LTE / 3G / 2G connectivity offered by Globe, Smart, PLDT and Sun:

  • GSM-900
  • GSM-1800
  • LTE-1800
  • 3G-2100

Broadband Networks
Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

5G Ready

5G Ready

Ready for the Next Generation

Worried that our signal boosters will not work with 5G? Worry no more. The SkyWave Home Tri-Band Signal Booster is compatible with your sub-6Ghz 5G devices (band 1 and band 3).

Great Voice Quality

It may not equal the 3Nity in voice quality, but the Home Triband excels in locations where the cellsite is fairly near.

Compatible with old and new model smartphones and Iphones and our Negosyo GSM Wireless Telephone.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Data Juggernaut

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Our SkyWave 3Nity Tri-Band Booster is your internet juggernaut device.

Get blazing fast 5G and 4G LTE speeds from your cell phones and modem devices.

Data has no choice but to..obey.

Broadband Networks

Wide Area Coverage

The SkyWave Home Tri-Band Booster covers a great portion of your home or small office.

A single ceiling antenna can cover up to 250 sq. meters open space.

It can cover an effective area of up to 500 sq. meters with maximum of 2 ceiling antennas.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Industrial-Class Signal Booster

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

The SkyWave Home Tri-Band Booster Series is a no-nonsense industrial-class signal booster.

Rugged powder-coated aluminum alloy case protects the booster and allows for better heat dissipation.

Advanced PCB design for best quality and long service life.

Intelligent Design

Under the cute design stores an intelligently-designed booster board.

Built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Automatic Level Control (ALC) monitor input signal round-the-clock and automatically adjusts output power to avoid interference with the base station.

The AGC and ALC will gain control of the MLC (see below) when there is interference with the base station.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Superior 4-Layer PCB Design

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Unlike other boosters, the Personal Cell Booster uses a 4-layer PCB design which allows for better heat disspation.

This makes it work more efficiently, so better long-term investment for you.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

Full Spectrum Booster

Our Internet Booster is a full spectrum booster that covers the full frequency band to offer you best performance.

Yes the photo looks geeky, but it shows the spectrum analysis of the signal gain for the full frequency band.

Home Tri-Band Signal Booster

What's Inside the Box?

The SkyWave Home Tri-Band Signal Booster contains:


• Home Tri-Band 900/1800/2100Mhz Booster • SkyWave Tri-Band Omni-Fibreglass AntennaSkyWave Ceiling Antenna (Q7/27) • 1x15m (Outdoor), 1x10m (Indoor) LMR195 Cables • 220VAC Power Adapter • Manual


So what's the difference between the Home Tri-Band and your 3Nity Tri-Band Booster?

Difference is the signal gain and output power.

What is the maximum number of Ceiling Antennas supported by the Home Tri-Band?

To preserve signal quality we recommend using up to a maximum of 2 Ceiling Antennas. Extra accessories may be required like 2-Way Antenna Cable Splitter and N-Male Coupler.

What is the maximum cable length that you advise for the outdoor and indoor antennas?

For the outdoor antenna we recommend a maximum of 30 meters.

For the indoor antenna we recommend a maximum of 15 meters.

Remember, less is more.



Home Tri-Band Signal Booster
Dual Band 900/1800
Frequency Range
Uplink Downlink
890~915 Mhz 935~960 Mhz
1710~1785 Mhz 1805~1880 Mhz
1920~1980 Mhz 2110~2170 Mhz
Max Gain
Uplink Downlink
60dB 67dB
Max Output Power
Uplink Downlink
≥ 20dB ≥ 25dB
Noise Figure at Max Gain
Uplink Downlink
≥ 4.5dB ≥ 8.0dB
MGC Step Attenuation ≥ 31dB (1db-Step)
Automatic Level Control (ALC) Range ≥ 20dB
Gain Flatness
GSM-900 / GSM-1800 Typical ≤ 6dB (P-P) / GSM-1800 ≤ 8dB (P-P)
HSPA ≤ 2dB/3.84MHz / Full Band ≤ 5dB (P-P)
Coverage 250 m2
Noise ≤ 5dB
VSWR ≤ 2dB
Group Delay ≤ 1.5ms
Return Loss Max -8 dB
Time Delay ≤0.5 μs
MTBF > 20,000 Hours
Outdoor Antenna Class SkyWave Tri-Band Omni-Fiberglass Antenna
Outdoor Antenna Frequency Range 890~960 Mhz / 1790~2170 Mhz
Outdoor Antenna Gain
890~960 Mhz 9dbi
1790~2170 Mhz 12dbi
Outdoor Antenna Connector N-Female
Indoor Antenna Class SkyWave Ceiling (Q7/27)
Indoor Antenna Frequency Range 790~2700 Mhz
Indoor Antenna Gain 3dbi
Indoor Antenna Connector N-Female
Antenna Cable Class LMR195
Antenna Cable Length 1x15 meters (Outdoor), 1x10 meters (Indoor)
Antenna Cable Impedance 50 ohms
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimension 198 x 148 x 39 mm
Weight 1.0kg
Power Supply Input: 90V-264V / Output: 5V/2A
Power Consumption 4W
Power Yes (Red- Good)
GSM-900 Yes (Green - Good)
GSM-1800 Yes (Green - Good)
HSPA-2100 Yes (Green - Good)
Unit Price P 16,800.00 (VAT-EX)


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