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SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna SkyWave® LPDA Antenna
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SkyWave® LPDA Antenna   P 2,350.00

SkyWave® LPDA Antenna

SkyWave® LPDA Antenna

High Gain, Mid Range

The SkyWave LPDA Antenna is a high-gain antenna with a maximum range of 7 kilometers. With true 11dbi gain, it is suitable for city use and for other high-density areas.

SkyWave LPDA Antennas are lightweight and easy to setup.

SkyWave® LPDA Antenna

Flexible Range of Applications

The Widest Frequency Band Available

SkyWave LPDA Antennas have a frequency range of 700~2700 Mhz with 11dbi gain, the widest frequency band antenna available.

SkyWave LPDA Antennas are compatible with your 5G, 4G LTE, 3G/HSPA+, Wimax, WiFi, and 2G/GSM connectivity.

Compatible with all Wireless Internet

5G Ready

5G Ready

Ready for the Next Generation

Worried that our antennas will not work with 5G? Worry no more. The SkyWave SkyWave® LPDA Antenna is compatible with your sub-6Ghz 5G devices.

Conquer Distance

Conquer distance with the Skywave LPDA Antennas.

SkyWave LPDA Antennas have a maximum range of 8 kilometers (with clear line of sight). No more second guessing, no more worries on your internet connection.

Conquer Distance

It Takes Two to MIMO

MIMO Configuration

Set the SkyWave LPDA up for MIMO

You can set up the SkyWave LPDA Antenna for 4G LTE MIIMO to achieve your network's maximum speeds of 42Mbps.

Offset one antenna 90 degrees from the other for proper setup.

Improve Cellphone Reception

Getting dropped calls lately? Replace your GSM signal booster antenna with the SkyWave LPDA Antenna to improve your cellphone reception.

Better Cellphone Reception

World-Class Cables

World Class LMR240 Cables

All SkyWave Antennas are bundled with superior LMR240 cables made for data communications.

LMR240 cables are shielded, high quality, low-loss cables made for data communications.

Each LMR240 cable is terminated with heavy-duty N-type connector for better outdoor performance.

Heavy-Duty Connectors

Don't compromise for anything less.


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Made for the Outdoors

Tough and Weatherproof

Tough and weatherproof, all SkyWave Antennas are made for long-term outdoor use.

SkyWave LPDA Antenna has an ABS Radome material to protect it from any weather - rain or shine.

Compatible with Your Device

Compatible with your Device

All SkyWave Antennas are compatible with your modem device from Huawei, ZTE, and GreenPacket that has an external antenna port.

External antenna ports supported are: TS9, SMA, and RPSMA-Female.

Our cables are SMA-Male by default. TS9 and RPSMA-Male converters are available.

TS9 Connector
SMA Connector
RPSMA Connector
TS9 Connector SMA Connector RPSMA-Male Connector

Save P100.00!

Save P100!

Get any of our SkyWave Antenna and Huawei Modem combo and save P100!


SkyWave Zensei Series Antennas - Conquer Distances


SkyWave® LPDA Antenna
Model Number DR7/27
Antenna Type Log Periodic Dipole Antenna
Frequency Range 790 ~ 2700 Mhz
Application 5G / 4G LTE / 3G / Wimax / WiFi / GSM
Gain 11 dbi
VSWR < 1.5:1
Impedance 50 Ω
Front to Back Ratio 25
Max Power 350 watts
Polarization Vertical
Connector N-Female
Connector to Device SMA-Male
Dimension 400 x 265 x 65 mm
Weight 1 kg
Material Radome ABS
Directional True
Unit Price P 2,350.00


Cable Upgrade Converter Delivery
LMR240 15 Meters: P275.00 SMA to TS9 Converter (Straight): P275.00 LBC Express: P475.00
LMR240 20 Meters: P550.00 SMA to TS9 Converter (Pigtail): P300.00 JRS Express: P400.00
LMR240 25 Meters: P875.00 SMA to RPSMA-Male Converter (Straight): P250.00
LMR240 30 Meters: P1,150.00 SMA to N-Male Converter (Straight): P300.00
LMR400 10 Meters (N-M/N-M): P950.00 N-Female to SMA-Male Converter (Pigtail): P400.00
LMR400 20 Meters (N-M/N-M): P2,150.00 N-Female to TS9 Converter (Pigtail): P400.00

* Prices stated above are per piece.

* SkyWave MIMO Antennas (Gemini, Gemini Ultra, MIMO Omnifiberglass, Zensei Ultra MIMO) require 2x LMR240 cables.


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